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I am happy that you visit and read to us today. I am Yeira Rubí, Founder of Social Wave, Creator of Social Wave Academy and Digital Marketing Consultant.

I invite you to navigate our website and discover everything we can do to help you grow your business. Let’s talk!

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Our Story

Hi, I’m Yeira Rubí.

Nice to meet you and have you here!

In November 2013, I decided to venture as an entrepreneur. At that time, I worked as a Social Network Coordinator in a recognized company in the automotive industry of Puerto Rico, managing more than 15 social media accounts, doing media purchases, web pages, among other tasks.

Hence the big question arises… if I do all that for others, why can’t I do it for myself? In the end, the purpose would remain the same, to use my skills and education in digital marketing to help more businesses grow, only this time it would be my way.

Although I started working alone, it was not my vision to use my own name as the business name. So, I decided to join two of my personal interests to create the name of my business. Social, as the most fun part of my job that involves connecting and serving with other entrepreneurs and great companies; and Wave, as the sway of the waves of the sea in representation of constant communication and collaboration, and, of course, as an #IslandGirl and beach lover.

Currently, Social Wave is composed of the best interdisciplinary team that serves small and medium businesses in various industries in Puerto Rico. Also, we export services to the British Virgin Islands. We would love to continue helping more businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.

“Digital marketing to grow your business”

We believe in:


We listen to your needs carefully to define realistic objectives and establish a clear work plan focused on results.


The greatest ideas are born from different lines of thought, expertise, and cultures. Collaboration always over the competition.


Our purpose is to help more entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Money is only the result of our work and vocation.


We focus on creating memorable experiences for our customers and community, it's not about just selling a product or service.