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I am happy that you visit and read to us today. I am Yeira Rubí, Founder of Social Wave, Creator of Social Wave Academy and Digital Marketing Consultant.

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What our customers are saying?

Yeira Rubí has been a blessing on my way for me. Her solidarity and commitment to entrepreneurship made me reach her. Then, I had the opportunity to obtain the services of her studio Social Wave. Not only did she allow me to collaborate with her, but she offered me quality and excellence work. Yeira immediately captured my vision and shaped it. A highly organized, personalized, and clear service. Furthermore, I appreciate her touch of diligence and follow-up. That has made, within so much work, we can complete everything on time. I recommend her and Social Wave with closed eyes.

Lcda. Lydiarí Rivera Colón


What our customers are saying?

Social Wave has helped us in all our processes to create brands, designs, websites, standardize our presence in digital media, among many other issues related to marketing and relationships with our customers. Something Yeira did recently, was to survey our clients to determine our points to improve and our strengths. When we need advice, Social Wave is always there for us.

Carmelo Cruz

President - Tech Source

What our customers are saying?

Social Wave is synonymous with commitment, quality of service, customer service, revolution in social networks, as well as the new in the digital market, professionalism and above all excellent human quality. Yeira, thanks for being part of our team!

Kaiza Canales

Manager, Aquatic Rehab And Fitness

What our customers are saying?

Social Wave keep us up to date with everything regarding Facebook and our website. Yeira is always aware of the details and responds at the moment, always keeping a professional business image.

Javier Santos


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